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Whilst Best OSRS Gold site grinding skills, these non-diegetic tones will constantly play through your speakers and later in your mind after hearing them countless amounts of times while traversing through the planet of Gielinor. You'd even choose your own which were your favorites and play them instead of the tunes being automatically selected. New songs would be heard and they would replace your old favorites if you liked them more than others. The repeat purpose would shortly become your best friend. These tunes would later become nostalgic and listening to them today brings back all those golden memories.

While cutting trees down in Draynor Village or fishing lobsters in Karamja, random NPCs would look and give you special things or take you to quite mysterious places. These were known as"random events". If you have forgotten, there was a mime one, Evil Bob, lederhosen and a couple of others who would allow you to look cooler one of your group of friends and enhance your skills. You would play Runescape for that extra little bit just to catch these random events.

Reaching the highest combat level would become your main priority. Levelling up Attack, Power and Defence or even Magic and Range would make you stick out from the audience and be able to battle tougher NPCs and Runescape players. Later on, you'd grow to be a part and fight in the Duel Arena, Wilderness, Pest Control and the rest of the miniature games. The number of things you may perform on Runescape was unlimited and there was always something to keep you occupied.

Even just reciting your fishing level while fishing for swordfish and lobsters at Musa Point/Karamja entertained you. You would sit there for hours fishing for lobsters with your own freshwater cage or swordfish with a harpoon and after sell them for a reasonable market cost to earn an income. Or maybe you had been a woodcutter and invested most of your days chopping Willows at Draynor Village and moving onto Yews near Falador or east of the Grand Exchange in Varrock. The greater combat level and ability levels you had, the more you stood out from the others and your pals. Although, it was not all about buy RS gold skill grinding.
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