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#68893   2020-08-20 11:23 GMT      
Madden attributes I miss

In Madden 12 you can meet U.S. President Barack Obama. It may be tough to get Trump into Madden 21 but at least put Obama at Madden nfl 21 coins, 14, 15, and 16. In Madden 05, 06, and 07 a radio show was known as the Tony Bruno Show. One of my favorite elements of Madden 05 was listening to Tony Bruno every week. In Madden 05 into Madden 07 or 08, you can create a enthusiast. Whenever you'd play a match, then you would observe that fan in the chairs. At Madden 12 the cover athlete could be chosen by you. In a march madness like a championship. Imagine if Madden did some thing. In Madden 11 and 12 you'd Dynamic Attendance. For instance, if the Jaguars were enjoying at home versus the Cleveland Browns it would have low attendance. Today in madden all of the stadiums are sold out.

Madden is in need of a presentation overhaul. Look at NBA 2K. There's evaluation from animated Shaq and Kenny Smith. There's a national anthem. There running around doing cheerleaders or mascot items. There's cut constantly to interviews with players and coaches. There is stats and history. I don't need a ESPN or Fox Sports sponsorship, but f*ck. Those details include much immersion into the NBA series. Madden could learn a thing or 2. 2k may do with immersion but Madden 21 has lots of troubles. The devs lie about content every year for their own lovers. Nothing new has been added by them in 4 decades and the franchise mode is cover to triumph.

Dynamic presence was taken out due to NFL owners. They did not enjoy watching their stadiums empty. Everything is good to have, but no possibility comes back. It's funny. The reason why their stadiums were vacant was due to snow/rain. Man I kinda get why the owners could do that (I guess), but it's not like they can't make it so fans would depart following a blowout or do chants from the stadium. So home field advantage is a thing, or even better, they can make it. Your fans should be more excited to cheer you on, making it more difficult for the opposing team to win in your location, if your staff is great. It would not be difficult to add in (it was in NCAA) only make audibles harder to do/false begins more prevalent/shakey screen etc. It would make who you're playing on a week-to-week basis more significant. That tiny change would make both franchise mode and gameplay far more refreshing.

I need some sort of Power feature. I felt somewhat immersed in the league but they since moved into the 25, when they had the news tab on the site. I wish they'd add some sort of sim logic in which do not get unrealistically dismissed. When I play, AND said teams it a challenge. This will be a cool feature. It would get online franchises. I know daddyleagues or mymadden do something similar. The visit was humorous in a franchise. You win the Super Bowl in 2034 and are rewarded to Barack Obama. Soccer continues on as normal, although elections are no longer held by us.

Cephus actually got some love in buy mut coins madden 21
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